T o p i c s

M I N I  S E S S I O N S

Most sessions last approximately 15-20 minutes.

“Building Resilience”Amy Travis

Amy will be discussing the meaning of resiliency, and how we can build it in our lives so that we can live full, purposeful lives - regardless of what life throws at us.

“Emotional Intelligence” – Connie Geier

Connie will discuss the connection between emotional intelligence – or learning to take control of how we respond emotionally – and resiliency.

“Mind, Body, and Spirit” Jennifer Erin

Jenn will discuss the connection between physical health and our ability to process stress and reduce anxiety.

 “Get Back Up”Tammy Summers

Tammy will discuss her personal story and how she was able to develop resiliency, even under the most difficult circumstances.


“When Families Get Messy”Panel discussion with
Judy Dillalogue, Linda Wilson & Patty Lefever

Judy, Linda, and Patty will talk about the difficult and messy family situations they found themselves in, and what choices they made that had a positive impact on the lives of their children and families.

“Moving On: Overcoming Life’s Challenges” Patty Jacobs

Patty will tell the story of her difficult childhood, and the fear, rejection, and anger that followed. She will share how, after years of feeling sorry for herself, she was able to break free and move forward.

 “Enough is Enough! Overcoming Anxiety” Linzy Farmerie

Linzy will talk about how she, like so many women in our culture, struggled with anxiety from feeling pressured to measure up to other’s expectations. She will share how her decision to look to God’s standard instead set her free.


“When to Say When” – Panel discussion with Kathy Seitz, MA, NCC, LPC and Shavonna Mosely, MA.

Our panel of mental health professionals will discuss how to recognize unhealthy patterns in ourselves, our children, and those around us. They will also address when it is advisable to seek professional help.