Executive Leadership Team

Three generations:

Valerie Donnelly (left) * Amy Travis (center) * Connie Geier (right)

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FUSION Leadership Group was founded by Amy, Connie, and Val in 2017 and held it's first women's leadership conference in February of 2018.


Since that time the three women have traveled together to Africa twice and held FUSION conferences in the countries of both Uganda and Rwanda. The group is deeply involved in supporting Maisha Foundation, a school and orphanage started by a young Ugandan couple in the poorest district in the country. Valerie runs the FUSION child sponsorship program for Maisha. Please click HERE to see more information about FUSION's work in Africa.

Guest Speakers for "Hope - Full '21"

Tammy Summers

Tammy is the author of HOMECOMING: Hope from Heartbreak - the Alex Summers Memoir. She works as an Audiologist for Veteran's Affairs and serves as a worship leader at her church. She and her husband Brian experienced great loss when both of their children went to be with Jesus before they reached adulthood. Tammy has spoken at several conferences and uses her extraordinary testimony and talents as a source of hope for hurting people. 


Tiffany Gilbert

Known affectionately as Lady Tiff, Tiffany is the First Lady of Another Level Ministries, where she leads the Children’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and most recently became the Executive Director for Voices for the Unborn.  Voices for the Unborn is a pregnancy crisis center, which Tiffany and her husband founded in 2020.


Tiffany serves often on Cornerstone Television’s show “Sister to Sister”.  She and Pastor Jay minister on a thriving new show called “Dimensions” on Facebook Live.  In addition, she is the Vice President of the newly founded Another Level Bible Institute and is currently in the last stages of finishing her MsEd.   She currently resides in Pittsburgh Pa with her husband and two young boys who she loves dearly. 

Linda Wilson

Linda works in home healthcare and is energized by caring for the elderly. Her current ministry to help women overcome obstacles and reach their full potential was berthed after a crushing divorce nearly 30 years ago. During this time she realized that through the grace of God, she and her children didn't have to become 'a statistic.' She is remarried to Jim and together they have five children and thirteen grandchildren.

Melissa Mittereder

Melissa has worked in the entertainment industry for over the past 20 years with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. After having survived breast cancer at the age of 38, however, she decided she wanted to answer her heart's calling to serve others through natural healthcare. She has experienced God’s miracles at work in her own life and she loves giving hope to individuals by sharing her story of healing.

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